Northern Cardinal
Cardinals come to the bird feeder in my back yard. Click on thumbnail to load larger image.
Cardinal, Newton Hills State Park, SD.
Cardinal, Credit Island, Iowa. Cardinal at feeder, Credit Island, Iowa. Cardinal, Credit Island, Iowa.
Juvenile cardinal. Female cardinal.
Cardinal, Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Missouri.
Juvenile cardinal. (Mark II) Cardinal shows off his plumage. Juvenile cardinal. Female cardinal. Female cardinal. This male cardinal is a frequent visitor.  However the female is more secretive and only shows up at odd hours.
If the female cardinal had been facing to the right this might have been a good shot, even with the goldfinch out of focus. Female Cardinal.
Remote triggered Canon S330, cardinal in my back yard. Sort of interesting shot of cardinal but not sharp.  Give me another crack at this with the digiscope.
One of my first tethered efforts with the old Kodak DC290, cardinal in my back yard. Kodak DC290, cardinal in my back yard.

19 Northern Cardinal photos

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