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I took a few tentative stabs at shooting fireworks at various times over the years, but since I've been in Red Lodge for 4th of July fireworks starting in 2017 I've become more proficient. That first year, I had the small S95 on a tripod that was on a wooden deck with lots of people on it, and I found that the vibration that introduced squiggles into the images. Now I set the tripod on the ground and fire away with a DSLR and remote trigger. My usual settings are ISO 200, f/11, 4-second exposure, and a focal length dependent on distance to the display, usually 70-200mm.

I saw a drone light show for the first time at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in 2023 and I'm including those images with fireworks because it is a very similar camera setup.

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