United Kingdom - Flying Legends air show at Duxford RAF Base, touring London, July 2002.


    • London, July 2002: Two full days were taken up going to Duxford for the air show, so I had only a day and a half to look around London. My hotel was in the Kensington area (my room was SO small!) and I wandered through the park there after recovering somewhat from the inbound flight. The day after the air show I went around to all the usual sights one associates with London and got some ’Proof I was there’ snapshots. All of these photos were taken with the digital Elph so they really are just snapshots. I already had enough film to process and scan from the air show. [Photos] [Narrative]
    • Flying Legends, Duxford, England, July 2002: The RAF Base at Duxford near Cambridge is the site of several large air shows each year including the Flying Legends in July, featuring the legendary airplanes of World War II. I have been to a few shows since where one or two Mustangs buzzed by, so the sheer number of Mustangs and Spitfires that they put into the air at Duxford is what sets this show apart. It was amazing to see groups of vintage aircraft looping through the sky just as they did 60 years before. The base also is the location of the Imperial War Museum's aircraft collection and includes the largest display of historical American military aircraft outside of the US. [Photos] [Narrative]


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