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Yellowstone, September 2003: Wildlife in Yellowstone and the surrounding area. Click on any image to load larger image and start slide show.
Bull elk scans the horizon in Yellowstone, 2003. Bull elk scans the horizon in Yellowstone, 2003. Elk in Yellowstone, 2003. A bull elk bugles at an opponent across the Madison River west of Madison Junction, Yellowstone.  The two decided against crossing the river to joust and this one eventually wandered back to his herd. A bull elk bugles in Yellowstone.
A big bull elk relaxes on the lawn in Mammoth Hot Springs. A herd of elk camps out on the grass in front of the Yellowstone Post office in Mammoth Hot Springs. A coyote marks his territory in Yellowstone, 2003. A pronghorn keeps on eye on the intruder, Montana. Pronghorns cut through a field, Montana.
Pronghorns on the horizon, Montana. Montana Prairie. Just north of Yellowstone Park. Yellowstone bison, 2003. Yellowstone bison calf, 2003.
Yellowstone bison, 2003. Bison dozes in a Yellowstone valley. A grizzly bear makes an early morning appearance in Yellowstone. The griz wanders off into the woods. Magpie, Yellowstone, 2003.
Mountain Bluebird (female), Yellowstone, 2003. Harrier hawk, Yellowstone, 2003. A chipmunk gets a snack. Moose, Grand Teton, 2003. Mule deer leap a fence near Dubois, Wyoming.

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