Top 10 other mammal images from South Dakota
Favorite images of "other mammals" from South Dakota 2007-17, not including elk, bison, bighorns and pronghorns. Click on any image to load larger image and start slide show. [Narrative]
From the looks of this coyote, he has had a good summer hunting prairie dogs, Wind Cave National Park. Coyote, Custer State Park. Two coyotes on trailcam, Wind Cave National Park, Deer on trailcam, Wind Cave National Park. Marmot, Custer State Park. Prairie Dog Manor, Wind Cave National Park.  Compare these skinny spring pdogs to the fat one in the next image.
Badger, Conata Basin, South Dakota, screen grab from video. Woodchuck climbing a tree, Big Sioux Recreation Area, Brandon. Bunny rabbit, Wind Cave National Park. Bunny in my yard

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August 2017
8/19/2017 South Dakota's Top 10 in 10 after 10 - Ten years after moving back to South Dakota, my top 100 images from the state. scenic

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