Top 10 (+) big bird images from South Dakota
Favorite images of big birds (other than eagles) from South Dakota 2007-17 an beyond. Click on any image to load larger image and start slide show. [Narrative]
Burrowing Owl, Lower Brule. Burrowing owl south of Pierre. Burrowing Owl, Badlands National Park. Cooper´s Hawk dining on some other bird on the electrical box in front of my house. Meadowlark in Custer State Park. Wild turkey jumping a creek, Custer State Park.
Duck landing, Arrowhead Park, Sioux Falls. Duck struggling through the snow, Arrowhead Park, Sioux Falls. One of the weirder wildlife encounters I´ve had.  This duck seemed to be considering building a nest in the rosemary plant on my deck. Upland Sandpiper, somewhere south of Pierre. Robin nest under the deck. Fledgling robin on my deck.

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August 2017
8/19/2017 South Dakota's Top 10 in 10 after 10 - Ten years after moving back to South Dakota, my top 100 images from the state. scenic

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