Best of Antarctica
Selection of favorite photos from Antarctica, November/December 2003. Click on any image to load larger image and start slide show. [Narrative]
Gentoo penguins greet each other, Jougla Point. Gentoo penguin just after emerging from the water, Neko Harbor on the Antarctic Peninsula. A leucistic gentoo penguin.  It looks just like other gentoos except its back is brown instead of black.  Cuverville Island. A chinstrap with (look closely) two eggs.  Hannah Point. A chinstrap with a rock, Hannah Point. Rockhopper chick under parent, New Island, Falklands.
Orcas near the ship as we approach Lemaire Channel. Iceberg and ship near Palmer Station. Naturalist Dorinda Dallmeyer explains the history of the whaling station on Deception Island. A lone gentoo patrols the beach inside the volcanic crater of Deception Island, late evening.

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