Southeast Alaska, July 2003
After flying into Petersburg on the 17th and chasing eagles around for a few days, I moved on to Wrangell. After day trips to LeConte Glacier, Anan Wildlife Observatory and the Stikine River, I headed to Ketchikan and a tour of Misty Fjords National Monument. The highlight of the trip was Anan and its bears, but there was plenty to see along the way. Click on any image to load larger image and start slide show. [Narrative]
Bald eagle in Petersburg, Alaska. Bald eagle in Petersburg, Alaska. Bald eagle in Petersburg. Bald eagle juvenile in Petersburg. Black-tailed deer fawn near Petersburg. Fawn and mother near Petersburg.
Steller’s Jay near Petersburg, Alaska. It looks like a black and blue cardinal. Along the road in Petersburg, Alaska. Looking east along the shore in Petersburg, Alaska. Harbor seal near LeConte Glacier. Harbor seals keep an eye on the approaching boat. Harbor seal.
Seal hides in the floating ice. Chunks fall off LeConte Glacier into the water. Icebergs float out to sea. While we were watching the bears in Anan Creek, Alaska, this black bear snuck up behind us and took a sniff. This was from about 10 yards away. A brown (grizzly) bear sticks a paw in the water, Anan Creek. The brown bear comes up with a salmon, Alaska.
Brown bear juveniles head downstream, Alaska. Not a great photo but there are eight bald eagles in this image taken near the boat landing at Anan Creek, Alaska.  Unfortunately our path didn't take us any closer. There is a cliff on the bank opposite the observatory at Anan Creek, Alaska.  Bears follow various paths down to the water, over logs and between the rocks. A bear pauses to check out the audience, Anan Creek, Alaska. Yawning, I think, Anan Creek, Alaska. Lunch.  Anan Creek, Alaska.
Another look at the bear behind us, Anan Creek, Alaska. Glacier on the Stikine River, Alaska. Our little group makes a landing in the Stikine River, Alaska, after getting past that big iceberg. Trees hang over the Stikine River, Alaska. Not much to do on the ferry from Wrangell to Ketchikan, Alaska, except watch salmon jumping. Lighthouse on an island on the approach to Ketchikan, Alaska.
Cruise ships are by far the tallest buildings in downtown Ketchikan, Alaska. More harbor seals, this time in Misty Fjords National Monument, Alaska. A float plane comes in for a landing on the fjord next to the Misty Fjords tour boat, Alaska. Funny moment on the Misty Fjords cruise - the captain announced with great excitement that a bear could be seen.  Everyone rushed to the rail and started snapping away with their little instamatics.  This shot is with a 400mm lens, which is three times bigger than the zoom lens on the typical consumer camera.  It might have been more exciting if I had not been at Anan Creek three days earlier. Killing time at the Ketchikan airport while waiting for the plane to Seattle - watching the float planes and cruise ships going by. Ketchikan, Alaska has lot of totem poles.
Lots of flowers in Alaska in July.  This was in Petersburg. I thought this scene next to a ball field in Petersburg, Alaska was sort of interesting. Here's a last look at that bear that tried to jump me, Anan Creek, Alaska. Closeup of bald eagle, Petersburg. Eagle swoops down the canyon, Anan Creek, Alaska. Not a good day for the fish, Anan Creek, Alaska.

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