Top 14 Favorite Places
Some (Lock and Dam 18) I visit every year, some (Palmer Station) I'll probably never get back to.
Palmer Station 1. Palmer Station, Antarctica – U.S. Antarctic Program base. We were only there for a few hours. I wish they had a hotel. [Report] Griz 8. Glendale Spawning Channel, British Columbia – Dozens of grizzly bears come to the channel to fish for salmon. [Report]
Primeval 2. Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos – We got our best view of the giant tortoises in the wild here as they chewed their way through a field surrounded by jungle. [Report] Puffin 9. Machias Seal Island, Maine – The best place to photograph puffins in the U.S. Except according to the Canadians it's in New Brunswick. [Report]
�lafsfj�r�ur cabin 3. Olafsfjordur, Iceland – If your idea of a perfect vacation is a hot tub thousands of miles from the nearest traffic jam, this little town on the northern coast of Iceland is the place to go. [Report] Flying Legends 10. RAF Duxford – This World War II airfield near Cambridge, England has significant museum displays of British and American aviation, and hosts several air shows each year including the Flying Legends. [Photos-Flying Legends]
Bald Eagle roosting above the Mississippi 4. Lock and Dam 18, Mississippi River, near Burlington, Iowa. – This has become a favorite place to photograph bald eagles. [] Scottsdale Stadium entrance 11. Scottsdale Stadium – The San Francisco Giants play spring training games here in March, but I choose it because it's the best place to catch the Arizona Fall League in October and November. []
Great Horned Owls 5. Honeymoon Island State Park, Dunedin, Florida – The place to see nesting ospreys, and the owls are thrown in for free. [2006] [2007] [2008] Wright 1903 Flyer 12. National Air and Space Museum, Washington – All of the milestones of flight are represented here. [Photos]
Norther Harrier 6. Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico – Lots of cranes, hawks and other things. [Report] Egret turns eggs 13. St. Augustine, Florida – The Alligator Farm in St. Augustine has nesting egrets. [Photos 2002-2004] [Photos 2006]
Elk 7. Yellowstone National Park – Bears, bison, and elk. Hostile, mobile and agile. [Photos 2003] [Photos 2019] Bighorn 14. Black Hills and Badlands – I hit both as I drive across South Dakota and am rewarded greatly. Too many links to include, see the [South Dakota Top 10] for a sampler.

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