Venus (planet)
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No mistaking where to look.  Venus Transit.
I didn't quite get the so-called teardrop effect, but this is near the end of the transit. I'll try again in 2012.
Venus Transit 2004
At this magnification the rotation of the earth quickly carried the planet and sun out of the telescopes's field of view. That's why the image is slightly motion-blurred. Only three large bodies come between the Sun and the Earth: Venus, the Moon (as seen from Iceland last year) and Mercury. The next Mercury transit is in 2006. It will be a much smaller dot than either Venus or (certainly) the Moon.  Digiscoped with Canon S330 camera and Meade ETX 125 telescope, June 2004.
Transit of Venus, taken in New York City, June 5, 2012.  I was on extended assignment and didnīt have my big scopes or camera, so I took this with a small handheld camera through my binoculars, which were covered by a solar filter.  I have some somewhat better photos from the 2004 transit.  Transits come in pairs separated by long gaps, so the next transit will not occur until 2117.

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