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Some pages contain images from more than one year and the descriptions may refer to other years, but displayed here are only the photos taken in 2000.

Washington DC and environs - I've spent a lot of time working in Washington, D.C. from 1986-2014. Most of these images are from the early 2000s, although some are from the final visit during which I took pictures in April 2014. (I think I was back in 2015-16 but didn't have the time or desire to explore.) In addition to getting shots of the usual monuments, during my extended stays I also visited wildlife refuges and museums in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.
Sunset on the Washington Mall.
Arlington National Cemetery.
Smithsonian Castle.

Massachusetts - Around Massachusetts circa 1998-2007, wildlife, scenery, astrophotography.
USS Constitution, Charleston, MA.
Nobska Light, Woods Hole, Mass.
Nobska Light, Woods Hole, Mass.
Nobska Light, Woods Hole, Mass.
Portsmouth, New Hampshire at dusk.  Just a grab shot with the Kodak DC290.

Rhode Island - Around Rhode Island circa 2001-04.
University of San Diego versus Brown University football, Providence, RI.  The Toreros took an early 7-3 lead on this 50-yard pass reception by Stanford Tuupo, but Brown prevailed 36-20.
When I got my Kodak DC290 back in 2000, I went down to a park in Rhode Island to try it out. I got this waving the thing around in the air trying to follow the gulls.

Massachusetts backyard habitat - My Massachusetts backyard circa 2001-07.
In 2000 I saw this turkey confronting a cat in a bush in front of my house.  A few minutes later I saw the reason for the confrontation as the turkey escorted its three chicks back into the woods.  I got a few blurry shots with the Kodak DC290.
A squirrel raids the bird feeder.
A squirrel raids the bird feeder.

Baseball - Favorite baseball images from 1998-2005. Spring training, Arizona Fall League, Fenway Park, other venues.
This image of the Houston Astrodome was taken during the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in 2000, but I did attend a baseball game there back in 1976.  The Astros moved to their new field in 2000, and the livestock show moved to the new football stadium in 2002.  Although there have been some redevelopment plans, the historic structure sits empty and unusable as of 2024.
Sammy Sosa hammers a spring training home run, 2000.
After the Pop comes the Hop, Sammy Sosa, spring training 2000.
Albert Pujols playing third base for the Scottsdale Scorpions, Arizona Fall League, 2000.
Phoenix“ Larry Barnes (Angels) slides in as Grand Canyon shortstop Mike Young (Rangers) defends, Arizona Fall League, 2000.
Maryvale“s Keith Ginter (Astros) takes the throw, Arizona Fall League, 2000.
Tony Perez in his new Hall of Fame jacket throws out the first pitch at an Arizona Fall League game, 2000.
USA 3rd baseman Mark Teixeira against Taiwan, Pawtucket, RI.  Teixeira hit the game-winning home run in a 2-1 victory.

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