Gentoo Penguin
Antarctica. Click on thumbnail to load larger image.
Gentoo penguins greet each other, Jougla Point, Dec.4, 2003. Gentoo penguin just after emerging from the water, Neko Harbor on the Antarctic Peninsula, Dec. 5, 2003 A leucistic gentoo penguin.  It looks just like other gentoos except its back is brown instead of black.  Cuverville Island, Dec. 3. A lone gentoo patrols the beach inside the volcanic crater of Deception Island, late evening Dec. 5. A gentoo snoozes on the nest.  Jougla Point, Dec. 4.
Penguins spend a lot of time finding rocks for their nests, Jougla Point, Dec. 4. Gentoos, Cuverville Island, Dec. 3. Gentoos at rest, Petermann Island, Dec. 3. Lots of gentoos, just one of many big colonies we saw, Cuverville Island, Dec. 3. As this distant shot of a couple of gentoos proves. penguins can indeed fly.  For a few feet anyway.  Torgersen Island, Dec. 4.
Humans head up as gentoos head down, Hannah Point, Dec. 2. Gentoo penguins greet each other, Jougla Point, Dec.4, 2003. (Crop of photo [700].) Do I know you?  You look familiar. Do you come to Petermann Island often? Why are all those humans staring at us?
(By the way, older penguins have already mated, so these are probably young penguins getting in some practice.) The male goes off to brag to his buddies. A gentoo looks like he wants to catch a ride in the Zodiac, Cuverville Island, Dec. 3. Lots of gentoos, Cuverville Island, Dec. 3.

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