Antarctica, Nov/Dec 2003: See the written account of this journey. Click on links to open photo pages.
Gentoo penguins greet each other, Jougla Point, Dec.4, 2003. Selection of favorite photos from Antarctica, November/December 2003. Chinstrap penguin, Robert Island, Dec. 1. Chinstrap penguins.
A gentoo snoozes on the nest.  Jougla Point, Dec. 4. Gentoo penguins. Adelie penguin splashing ashore after a morning swim, Torgersen Island near the US Antarctic Program base at Palmer Station, Dec.4. Adelie penguins.
(By the way, older penguins have already mated, so these are probably young penguins getting in some practice.) Penguin sex! Black-browed albatross, West Point Island, Falklands, Dec. 8. Bird colonies often included more than one species, such as the rockhopper penguins and albatross sharing nesting cliffs in the Falklands.
Orcas near the ship as we approach Lemaire Channel, Dec. 3. Wildlife other than penguins, such as orcas and seals. One of the guides descends after a hike inside the volcanic caldera that is Deception Island, Dec. 5. Fewer penguins more people - Shots of Deception Island, Palmer Station, and our ship, the Clipper Adventurer.
Near LeMaire Channel, Dec. 3. Film scans, medium format slide film taken with Fuji GW690. (This camera has a moderately wide angle lens, so the panorama-style shots are not really panoramas.) The dance of Buenos Aires, the tango, Nov. 27. Of course you can't just fly to Antarctica. We stopped for a few days in Argentina on the way down and made an overnight stop in Chile on the way back.

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