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Turkey in yard, June 2006. Backyard Habitat Right after I got my digital SLR, this dragonfly let me test it out by taking an extended rest in my back yard, 2002. Bugs and Flowers
Troy O´Leary of the Red Sox makes a leaping catch in front of the Green Monster, 1999. Baseball Brown University´s Chas Gessner catches a long touchdown pass in stride, 2002. Football
Mt. Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota. Monuments Sunlight highlights afternoon clouds in Kansas City, 2003. Scenics
The peak of the annular eclipse at 4:04 a.m.  Iceland, May 2003. Sun and Moon and Stars Young Red-Tailed Hawk, digiscoped as he sat in a tree, Canon S330 camera and Televue 85 telescope. Point and Shoot
The chickadee on the left didn’t want to share the branch, so the other one tried to escape by hiding under the branch.  The correct part of the scene is not visible or in focus, but still interesting. Bad Photos

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