Blue Angels, Rhode Island ANG, 2003: The Blue Angels headlined the air show. Pages below show the Blue Angels in various formations (two pages), the two solo flyers meeting head-on (almost), a combined arms demonstration, and other participants. Click on any thumbnail to start photo show at that point.
Blue Angels in a tight line. 300mm, 1/800 at f/8. Blue Angels roll out of formation. 300mm, 1/800 at f/8. Blue Angels diamond. 300mm, 1/800 at f/8. Solo flyers join the diamond to make a formation of all six planes. Blue Angels in a tight line. 100-400mm (400mm), 1/500 at f/10.
Blue Angels break out of formation. 100-400mm (400mm), 1/500 at f/10. High above the field, the formation breaks in all directions. 100-400mm (130mm), 1/500 at f/10. Blue Angels winding up their show. 100-400mm (130mm), 1/400 at f/10. These actually aren�t the solo flyers but there is one maneuver where all six planes meet in the center of the field. The #1 plane is the commander. 100-400mm (400mm), 1/400 at f/10. These are the solo flyers. 300mm, 1/800 at f/8.
This time both planes are inverted as they meet. 300mm, 1/800 at f/8. Blue Angels, Quonset Point, Rhode Island, 2003. Photo 100-400mm (400mm), 1/500 at f/10. Against a backdrop of pyrotechnics smoke, a National Guard helicopter puts on a demonstration. 300mm, 1/250 at f/11. Guardsmen rappel out of the chopper. 100-400mm (130mm), 1/500 at f/10. A few minutes later, Blackhawks land with more troops. 100-400mm (400mm), 1/800 at f/8.
A-10 circles past the pyrotechnics. 100-400mm (115mm), 1/800 at f/8. British Army Red Devils bring in the American flag. 300mm with 1.4x extender (420mm), 1/1250 at f/7.1. Navy F-18 Hornet kicks up some vapor. 300mm with 1.4x extender (420mm), 1/1000 at f/8. P-51 Mustang. 300mm with 1.4x extender (420mm), 1/250 at f/14. P-51 Mustang.
Blue Angels support plane Fat Albert demonstrates a steep rocket-assisted takeoff. Yes, the angle really was that steep.100-400mm (100mm), 1/320 at f/14.

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