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I haven't done anything with this site for about 10 years. Back when I started this in 1998 it made sense as MLB hadn't done much on the web yet and spring training information was hard to come by. I actually made a (small) amount of money doing this, maybe enough to pay for some hotel rooms in Arizona. But now I just pay the domain fee every couple years and have this placeholder. If someone wants to buy the domain name for $500 I would be willing to listen. If you want to give me $100, well, don't bother.

Blog Entries
I copied some archival stuff to my blog. The oldest dates back to the first time I went to the Arizona Fall League in 1998.
10/28/2006Dumbest Idea Ever - Let's protect Fox's TV schedule (and destroy baseball) by moving the World Series to a neutral site.
10/23/2006Tony the Meddler - Before Tony LaRussa came along, starting pitchers used to pitch into the eighth and ninth inning. No, really.
10/8/2006Watch the Watchers - Fox TV shows seven different crowd shots between each pitch. I'm not the only one who hates it.
6/28/2006Pedro Classic - Pedro's return to Fenway brings back memories of '99.
5/22/2006Twinkies Moving Outdoors - The new Twins stadium drives up local property taxes.
2/27/2006O'Neil Snubbed - Buck O'Neil was snubbed by the Baseball Hall of Fame.
1/11/2006Sutter - Bruce Sutter makes the Hall of Fame.
11/21/2005Never Throw Anything Away - An old photo of White Sox closer Bobby Jenks.
10/26/2005The Longest Day - It's 2 a.m. on the East Coast, the perfect time to stage World Series drama.
10/20/2005Long Climb - The Astros are in the World Series, a far cry from their situation when I saw them in Milwaukee in May.
10/14/2005AFL - Arizona Fall League.
9/3/2005Ballparks - A look at the various ballparks I saw this year.
8/23/2005Half of the Fun - The Mick at the Met, 1968.
8/3/2005Performance Enhancers - Due to the steroids controversy, I have decided that there will be no more Baseball Hall of Fame inductions after 2006.
6/27/2005St, Louis - The zoo, and two games at Busch Stadium
5/23/2005Stubby the Third - Gritty Gutty Stubby Clapp.
4/27/2005Santana - Cy Young shuts down the Royals.
4/13/2005Grapefruit Gallery - I finally got around to posting Grapefruit League 2003 and 2004 photos.
3/8/2005Sox-Yanks - Rematch.
10/28/2004Arizona Fall League - From father to son.
5/28/2000Old Fenway - Another Fenway visit.
9/28/1999Last Call - Pedro's final game of his dominating 1999 regular season.
7/26/1999Induction - Nolan Ryan, George Brett, Rogin Yount and Orlando Cepeda are inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
4/25/1999Wrigley and Fenway - Freezing at Wrigley and seeing Pedro at Fenway on the same weekend in 1999.
3/20/1999Cactus League Wrap - 1999 Spring Training.
11/15/1998What Life is Really About - My first visit to the Arizona Fall League in 1998.

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